Facts about money:

- inflation of US Dollar in 2016 is 2,07%
It's mean you loose every year around 2% of your money
If you want to save your money, you must invest them.
Also investment it's good oportunity to earn money..
деньги на форекс

The benefits of working with us:

High yield
Net yield of 3-7% per month. At least 5-10 times higher than in the bank.
If you have big amount we can devide between different strategies.
Draw up a contract
The agreement spelled out the terms of cooperation, risks, responsibilities of the parties.
In our interest when you earn money
We earn a percentage of your income.
Low risks
Managers trade in small volumes, which reduces the risk to zero
We have professionals
The average experience of our analysts is 3 years in the Forex market.
External independent statistics
You can see our statistics. It shows that we are trading efficiently.
Trading without robots
The capital is managed by an experienced trader, therefore situations are excluded when an adviser fails or other troubles.

Our statistics

About Us

Yaroslav Mudiy
Founder of “Trader Assist”
Hi, my name is Yaroslav Mudriy. This is my real name. I'm not hiding behind pictures, pseudonyms. My reputation is important to me.
I founded Trader Assist in 2016.
The main goal of foundation my company was to provide quality services on the Forex market.
I started working at a broker and then I was faced with poor quality Forex services. I then realized that I could do better than others. My main rule in creating was maximum honesty, openness with customers. Honesty and openness allows me to successfully promote my products. You can check my every word, for example, talk with our customers.

Terms of cooperation

1. You pay our commission from profit
As profit accumulates, you withdraw funds from your account for the our service on the Forex market.
2. You do not break in the trading
You should not close, open positions. Leave your finances to professionals. We will provide you with statistics that you can always track.
3. Deposit amount from $ 5000
With smaller deposits, we do not work. If you doubt us and want to make a trial investment, leave a request, we will solve the issue with you individually.
4. Conclusion of an agreement
We conclude a document on cooperation. If you wish, you can not sign the contract.
5. Complete anonymity
We do not disclose any data about our customers. We guarantee complete anonymity.
To find out the conditions in more detail, leave a request on the site and we will send you a contract.

Work algorithm

We conclude the contract
Register with a broker
You transfer funds on your deposit
You give us access to the deposit
You withdraw dividends as it will be accumulate.
Submit your application

Contact Us

Leave a message and we will contact you, answer the questions: